The Chiaroscuro Foundation seeks to renew in our culture a deep awareness of the composite unity of our shared human nature. We believe the truth of our dynamic body-soul existence is threatened by neo-Gnostic impulses at play in our society, especially in contemporary understandings of the gift of human life, the nature of familial relationships, how we die and remember the dead, and our life in eternity. We believe that practice informs belief, and that the loss of transcendent practices has led to ancient errors regarding human dignity, meaning, and purpose. By changing practice, we hope to change belief.


The Chiaroscuro Foundation is led, managed and advised by a small community of successful scholars, businessmen and entrepreneurs deeply committed to furthering the common good.

Sean Fieler

is Chairman of the Chiaroscuro Foundation, is President of Equinox Partners, LP.  Mr. Fieler graduated from Williams College in 1995 with a degree in Political Economy and was the 1994 recipient of the Branson Memorial Scholarship. He is the Chairman of the American Principles Project and a member of the board of Witherspoon Institute, the Manhattan Institute, and the Dominican Foundation, among others.

Jeremy Paff

graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in the Spring of 2012, earning both a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hispanic Languages and Literature.

John Henry Crosby

is Strategic Adviser to the Chiaroscuro Foundation. He is President and Founder of the Hildebrand Project. A writer, translator, and entrepreneur, he has BA and MA degrees in philosophy from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Patrick Langdale Hough

is Strategic Advisor to the Chiaroscuro Foundation, and Executive Director of Elm Institute. Having worked in philanthropy, research, and cultural entrepreneurship, he has directed and advised projects in the United States and United Kingdom. He received his AB in classics from Princeton University.